About Me

  • In addition to my language qualifications and translation experience I have a Diploma in Human Resource Operations, which led to my previous career in Human Resources for the NHS. I also worked for the Department of Employment for several years in an advisory capacity. 
  • I am currently studying for a PhD (part-time) with the University of London.
  • Reliability is one of my key assets. I have excellent cultural awareness and language proficiency through years of study and translation, CPD, and time spent in Italy. I have a passion for research and learning.
  • CPD is extremely important. I continue to attend training courses that will advance my skills and interests, and view webinars on a variety of translation-related topics. I maintain my language skills and keep up with language evolution and current terminology trends through frequent mentoring with a native Italian speaker.

My Terms and Conditions, available on request, are in line with The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) Model General Terms of Business for translators. 

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